Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dover Harbour Swim

This morning I went out and looked across the Channel.  Cathi and I met an Irish swimmer, Colin who is scheduled to swim early tomorrow morning.  We looked out and saw France from Varne Ridge.  It was beautiful. I counted 9 freighters out there in the channel.  It was a total dream.

You can see France if the conditions are just right from
Varne-Ridge.  Beautiful morning! 
After breakfast I met up with the group of swimmers here at Varne-Ridge and we drove down to Dover Habour for a swim.

The water was relatively flat with only a slight breeze.  As we waded in I was very surprised how warm it was.  I took a temp on my way back with my watch and it read 64f.  After the first lap (35 minutes), I went for another.

The salt taste here is "smooth" compared
to GSL.  
Cathi was on the rocky beach chatting with lots of people and being Cathi.  I loved it.  I sure married up.

Capt Webb Memorial
overlooking Dover Harbor
where many channel swimmers
When I got out I got dressed and we walked around Dover for a bit.  We saw the memorial to Capt. Webb.  Cathi wanted to go for a run so I took the boys back and am going to go out to pick her up again.

Having a great time!  It is like a dream being here.  I've envisioned this moment for a long time and it is fulfilling all my expectations.

Weather looks fairly good for Thursday.

Total: @ 2 miles in 1:10
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