Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Saying goodbye to Dover, and hello to Brighton

David and Evelyn Frantzeskou were the perfect hosts!
I would definitely recommend them to anyone desiring
to stay in Dover for a crossing.  They really cater to swimmers!
And hoist the flag up of those who succeed.
The US flag was flown all week long.  
Last night Cathi and I said our goodbyes to Evelyn and David Frantzeskou and to the cliffs of Dover.

Watching the water at night with just the stars overhead to lighten the landscape made the lights from the boats in the channel really stand out.  I felt a connection with the Channel that really made me sad to leave it.  I pondered my future and I think I'll go on the record as planning for a swim next summer to do Catalina.  Cathi's on board with that and I just need to get the ball rolling on getting my shoulder bursitis looked at and fixed before the year is over.

Slug or dog poop?  Slug!
Anyway, we took Josh back to Heathrow airport, then met my parents at the London Temple and toured the grounds.  It was a beautiful place.  We walked and I saw up ahead on the asphalt walkway a piece of dog poop.  I thought, "Who would let their dog defecate on the temple grounds!"  But then it moved!  I was like "What the!"  I looked closer, and it was a huge brown snail, without a shell.  A Slug.  There were about four more at various places on the trail.  They were weird looking!  

Then we drove to Arundel Castle and toured that and all the grounds. How beautiful that was!  Lots of walking around and looking at really old pictures, weapons, books, furniture, etc...  I was most impressed with the architecture and detailed workmanship.  Cathi most enjoyed the flower gardens.

Then we drove to Brighton beach and I got in and swam for 30 minutes while the rest of our party enjoyed an ice cream bar watching me swim.

The water felt great!  It was 68 degrees and not as clear as Dover, but the sun was shining and the breeze was blowing.  It was a great day for a swim.

Then we went out for pizza and now am about to retire for the evening.  Tomorrow:  Stonehenge and Winchester Cathedral.

Total: @1 mile in 28:34

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