Tuesday, August 7, 2012

More pics and fun

Going for a swim with these "locals".  At least compared to
Utah.  These Irish swimmers said the water felt like
"bath water".  People after my own heart.  
Just enjoying the breezy Dover weather.  Made a few friends here who are going tomorrow, including Paul's #2 swimmer.  I see that there are very sunny days ahead.

Josh and my parents arrive here in just a few minutes.  I have a nice meal awaiting them.  I will be doing another training swim in the morning and this time I'll have my bud Josh with me.  Then I'll call Paul tomorrow evening to make arrangements.  Still watching the forecast very closely.  Friday and Saturday look very good as well, so there are lots of options.

This morning I got this voicemail from TajTunes.com on behalf of my friend, Aaron Wright. Had me and Cathi in stitches hearing this.
I sure have the best friends in the world. Everyone is so supportive! Love it.
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