Sunday, August 12, 2012

The first couple days after

I should be sleeping a great deal more now.  But I'm still quite a bit excited about things and how they have turned out.

Josh, Freda Streeter, and Me
Josh, Kevin Murphy (King of the Channel)
and Me
Saturday morning Josh and I got up to swim at Dover Beach where every Saturday large groups of swimmers meet.  We met Freda Streeter, and Kevin Murphy also was there.  I saw Kevin very briefly before I met Paul on Thursday afternoon, but he couldn't talk, he was already very late as an acting observer for another pilot.

So on Saturday morning we talked further.  Then Josh and I got back in for another mile swim out to the eastern pier and back.  My shoulders were fine, it was my lats that were sore.  Wow!  Felt good to stretch them out.

Afterwards we went to Dover Castle and also the underground tunnels.  I could have spent an entire separate day there.  That place was awesome!!  I was so tired from walking all over, but now I wish I could go back!  So many neat things in history that I learned and saw!

On the way back to Folkestone, we stopped at The White Horse.  This is a very small pub that by tradition is the place where successful Channel Swimmers sign their names on the wall with their times.  I was overcome as I walked in and saw the hundreds of names up on the wall, ceiling, archways, etc..  It was humbling to be a part of it.  I was now the newest member of this extremely rare group.  I got lots of suggestions from Cathi and my Mom on where I should make my mark.  I found just the place and quickly pondered what I would write.  I absolutely needed to mention the Great Salt Lake in it.  So here's what I wrote.

This morning Josh, Cathi and I drove really early to London to attend church at the Hyde Park ward.  Then we walked a couple miles east to watch the Men's Marathon.  It was so crowded, but we expected that.  It was cool to be a part of the Olympic action.  We saw Ryan Hall, but he was a way behind the front pack.  Probably near the middle of the field.  After watching them pass twice in the loop we drove home.

When we got back, we discussed plans for the coming week.  Tomorrow we'll do more exploring of Dover instead of going out to France.  I have yet to get souvenirs from Dover and really want at least a T-shirt.

Tonight after the Closing Ceremonies of the Olympics, KSL will air their short video clip of the swim.  The perspective Alan was able to achieve with his Go Pro was completely original.  I was very impressed with the pics he took!

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