Thursday, August 9, 2012

Swimmer Away!

We waved goodbye to Gordon and his small crew (Cathi, Jacob, and Josh Green) about 30 minutes ago.   Gordon had been in communication with a guy from KSL who is here covering the Olympics.    His name is Allen.  Ended up that he also is on the boat--filming things.    He and Gordon arrived about 30 minutes early and Allen did an interview - filming it.   I chuckled since Gordon is typically brief with verbal responses.   I'm eager to see how it comes across on the television.  Cathi asked when it would appear on TV and Allen said probably sometime this coming Saturday or  Sunday.    He said it would also be on since non of us would be back in Utah then to view it on TV.    I'm hoping someone from Gord's family will record it for us all to  watch.

Cathi surprised us all with bright green T-shirts which on the front read: "One man - the English Channel - 22 Mile Swim - 62 degree water - August 2012 - BRING IT!"  On the back we read:  "Team Gridley".

The captain - Paul - gave the crew a brief introduction of what he expects, etc. and off they went.  I had a tear in my eye seeing Gordon sail off to accomplish a goal he has trained for the past three years!   His goal is to complete the swim in under 14 hours.   Cathi will call me when he "officially" begins the swim.  Right now the pilot boat is driving him to the official beach area from which he begins.   Beginning time should be about 3:45 PM Thursday (English Time) which is 8:45 AM Thursday (Utah Time)  That said-he hopes to finish up about 5:00 AM Friday (England) or 10:00 PM Thursday (Utah).

I will post frequent updates--probably more than you all really want. . . just read or skim my words as you would like.   Marcia

PS:  Don't forget you can watch a "Track  Gordon Now" because of the GPS Josh Green will have on the pilot boat.    Gordon told me there is a link on his blogspot.    
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