Thursday, August 9, 2012

Update: 1 AM (Friday) England Time

Via phone call from Cathi:
Capt. told Gordon if he keeps going as is he could be done in an he is really pouring it on.   He is doing about 70 strokes a minute.    At the last feeding he passed up some  chicken nuggets and only wants liquids for the rest of the time.

Skies are clear--starry.   Water is calm.    This is better than ever!  

If you look at the map it appears he could possibly miss the cape point.    We mentioned this to Cathi and she said they are aware of this BUT the capt. is expecting the tide to shift any minute and that will automatically move him eastward without him having to expend extra energy.    

I will call back to Cathi in about 30 minutes to see if they have yet noticed any change in the tide.  

Keep on!    Marcia.
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