Thursday, August 9, 2012

No verbal updates GRRR

I was able to call once time--he began officially at 3 PM.    This was about 3:30 when my call went through. Since then I have not been able to have my phone get through to the crew. . . at first I figured it was because they were busy.    They KNOW I wanted to hear at the minimum of hourly. . . so I'm giving them the benefit that the phone service is out for some reason or another.      So, I'm with everyone else--merely watching the "Track Gordon Now".   It looks like he is doing super super good!  I get choked up just typing this.

I talked to two swimmers staying here in the RV park with us.    They did the swim last evening--exactly 24 hours earlier.    They were less than 100 meters from France's beach!   It was about 4 AM BUT the fog was so very thick one could not even see to the length of the boat.    How they knew they were that close to France is not clear to me--perhaps some "sonar" on the pilot boat?      Anyway, the pilot captain could not permit them to swim further because the swimmers were basically out of total sight--wouldn't risk losing the swimmers.    IT WAS CALLED OFF!  When we learned all this from one of the swimmers--it was a sobering conversation, indeed. To be so very close to a goal and have to leave it behind was very hard for these swimmers.    We are all praying that weather conditions continue to be in Gordon's favor. . . as I'm sure you all are as well.  

It is dusk now.    The weather today was absolutely gorgeous.      Sunny and warm.     Couldn't have been blessed with better conditions.    Gordon will now be finishing the rest of the swim in the dark.    He knew this once the time was set. . . didn't phase him in the slightest.    He is TOTALLY DEDICATED.

If...if...if  we receive any phone calls I will post something immediately.     I'm thrilled at how many good friends and family are cheering him on and joining the team.

Love, Marcia.
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