Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hallelujah--received call from the crew

9:20 PM (England)

I finally got through to the crew on the pilot boat....apparently, they couldn't call out.    We have finally made connections anyway.

Gordon is about 1 1/2 hours ahead of schedule.    Josh Green is in the water swimming with him.     That can happen every 3 hours. . .but Josh must not get ahead of him. . . rules from the Channel HQ.   He is in the dark now and so has a glow stick stuck in his goggle elastic and in his watchband.    
No one on the boat is seasick. . . ocean is pretty calm. . . small waves.    I'll call them about every 30-45 minutes.      Report what I learn.

Roger and I read through the posts and are so grateful for the many friends and associates that offer Gordon their encouragement.   We have forwarded this news to the crew:    There are many people cheering him on. Thank you for your support.

PS:  My daughter, Elayna, asked if we were going to stay up throughout the night.   A "given" since how could we sleep????   I've had 32 grandchildren - awaited many a delivery.    This, however, tops the anticipation of a baby's arrival.

Laters,  Marcia.
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