Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bear Lake triangle

Last night I spent the night at the cabin and woke up early to get to Bear Lake for my weekend swim.  I got there and as I pulled into the parking lot, realized that a triathlon was going on.  Just as I got into my suit and to the waters edge I saw the triathlon swim portion was beginning further down the beach.  I was on the very western end of the beach and didn't have any conflicts with the event.  It worked out great.

The water was smooth as glass and it no cloud in the sky.  Today was going to be a fantastic day!  I got in at 8 am sharp.  I swam north for two hours, taking a quick feed with my Swimmer Buddy Board every 30 minutes.  Then I swam southeast to the other side.  During this portion it felt like there was a current although I'm not sure which way it was going.  But the water felt like it was moving.  I felt strong and was doing great on my strokes.  When I hit 4 hours (noon), I then did the last side of the triangle, heading southwest.  

During this portion the water definitely got choppy, and it went from practically no boats nearby, to a bunch and with full throttle dumbass jetskiers.  I was getting annoyed at how crowded it was getting.  One time I breathed to the side and a jetskier was going full throttle about 25 yards from me.  That is just too close!  From that point on I swam every 25 yards and then sighted around me to see if I was safe.  My board was providing plenty of visibility, but some people on the water simply have no respect and it's all about speed for them.  

After my swim, I used the State Park's facility to shower.  I had a long drive home and didn't want to wait. So I pushed the button to turn on the shower about a hundred times and used Lynn Kubasek's awesome soap.  The drive home was great with the sun shining, and having just swam over 10 miles.  I stopped at the Logan Poco Loco for a new pair of clear goggles for the EC swim.

When I finished I couldn't believe how many people were on the beach!  When I left there was nobody, except for the triathloners, much further down.  

Total time swimming: 5:23:10.  Distance: 10.5 miles water temp started at 62.8°F and when I got out it was 66.4°F

When I got home I helped Cathi out.  She is sick as a dog.  I was hesitant to leave, but she let me go to dinner with Goody and Josh and their wives.

It was my privilege to join these guys in California this last Monday.  I learned a ton and was able to witness a fantastic athletic achievement!

I also finished Goody's video this evening.

The music in the video is what Goody chose.

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