Monday, July 2, 2012

Lucky morning hitting one in a million odds

Well not exactly.  I  was able to get through 20 intersections on 400 South up to Steiner with all of them being green lights.  That's 2^10 odds.  Except I'm sure the turning of lights isn't random, they should be timed like this, but they're not always.  Then I get up to Steiner, and the morning guy didn't open the door till 5:10am.  He had a pretty good crows outside waiting like blood thirsty mosquitoes looking in outside a window at a bunch of shirtless kids.

Anyway I did 750 yards inside before they opened the outdoor pool, and then did:

1500 free
2000 - 2 x 1000's pull descending paddles
500 kick
1500 free - TT is a piece of crap, it kept stopping.  I'm not pleased with FINIS right now.  Their QA on their electronics is severely lacking.  I didn't want to screw my workout so I ended up only doing 300 with the TT before giving up on it.
3000 - 3 x 1000's pull descending paddles
1500 strong

10000M + 750 yards = 11,675 yards total in 3:15

Had a great workout and the last 1500 felt great.  I shared a lane with a guy in paddles that was slightly slower than me and I was working on lapping him, which I did twice.  

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