Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lake Cleveland

Mentally preparing for the rush of cool water immersion
Yesterday after work I drove up to Idaho.  We have a family reunion in Albion every year on the last weekend in June.  Just before arriving in Albion is this turnoff up to the mountains.  I ride my bike up to Mount Harrison every year.  It's a personal tradition.  But given that this year I haven't ridden at all. Thanks to my dedicated focus on swimming, I decided to do something related.  I always ride past this lake near the top of Mt. Harrison, and up till now have admired it from a distance.  It is a snow fed lake and up till now have thought it would be a crazy act to swim in that lake with it's obvious cold temperature.

On the way to Albion I drove up to make sure that the gates were unlocked.  I sent Cathi with the family the day before to attend the full reunion, but I lacked PTO to attend the whole thing.  I sent her with the trailer loaded with the Kayak and wanted to know if it was even reachable by vehicle.  It was!   I was so happy.

This morning after the family breakfast I loaded up the kids in the car along with a cousin, and we drove up there for my swim, and let the kids have fun paddling the kayak on the lake.

Swimming towards the southern end of the small lake.
Yes there is snow on the side of the mountain.
When we got there I got the kids all setup with the kayak and started my swim.  It took me much longer than normal to get in.  I was standing at hip level trying to overcome the mental wimpiness.  The water felt colder than the 58f temp I took from the night before.  But once I started my stopwatch I was committed and jumped in and started.  I was surprised that it didn't put me into total aerobic shock and I was able to go at a slow and deliberate pace at the beginning.  By the end of the first lap I was feeling good and picked up the pace to my normal speed.  I took a temp reading: 57.2°F.

I did two more laps and the GPS I was trailing behind me in the waterproof container on the Swimmer Buddy Board came to: 2.32 miles in 1:25

I wanted more, but I promised my Mom I'd be back at noon for the family reunion auction.  I had a great time and the water was a very cool emerald green color.  I saw lots of fish and lots of fishermen on the shorelines.  I'm sure they thought I was insane.

Lake Cleveland, a small hidden treasure in southern Idaho.
Elevation 8200 ft, 57°F
My recovery was relatively minor and it was a confidence boost to do a cold swim and not have it be terrible or unbearable.

I'm looking forward to Bear Lake next weekend.  It should be in the low 60s so even a couple degrees should feel much better.

Total Distance: 2.32 miles in 1:25 in 57°F

Leave for California on Monday, but not till noonish.  I'm going to take advantage of the day off work and hit Pineview in the morning at 0530.  I won't get to swim at all on Monday otherwise. But Tuesday I should be swimming in the Pacific Ocean for a little.  Very excited!
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