Friday, June 22, 2012

Next time I am exposed to Chlorine

The next time I am exposed to Chlorine, Goody will have already swam the Catalina Channel!  That's an awesome thought.

This morning I was at the pool on time and did 750 yards then moved over to LCM outside pool and did:

1000 free
4000 pull descending by 1000 with smaller paddles
1000 free

6000 M + 750 yards = 7300 yards total in 2 hours

Some lady I was sharing the lane with was doing backstroke and hit me right in the left cheek with her shoulder as she was doing backstroke.  It must have been timed just right.  Anyway it wasn't that big of an impact, she was slow and I was taking it easy with some pulling.  It's kind of hard to do backstroke in a straight line outside cause there isn't a ceiling to line up with.  She said, "Sorry" and it wasn't that big of a deal.
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