Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wave action at GSL

This morning I went to the marina and the wind all of a sudden went from nothing to pretty crazy.   The waves were higher than I have ever dealt with there before.  I opted for the rocky path and beach rather than the boat ramp.  I went around the underwater rock wall and got the white buoy.  It was just too crazy to really get in a decent swim and my shoulder blades were still sore from Saturday so I called it a day.  Only about a 800 yard swim.  Was in the water for only 14 minutes.

Photo courtesy of Josh Green
This afternoon I went to pick up the permit for this Saturday's legal use of Black Rock, and noticed that I could make it out the marina in time for the afternoon group.  When I drove up, there was Josh and a new swimmer, Kate Leksander, who was a little intimidated by the waves. I don't blame her, these were insane. She decided to come back on Thursday. I got in through the boat ramp and my goal was to simply swim around the marina back over to the eastern side and get out on the rocky path. I took my Go Pro and took a few shots. It was awesome exiting the marina into those swells. There were swells that no lie were about 8 feet from low to high.

I swam over by the white buoy, and got too close to the shore cause on one of the low swells I hit my foot on some rocks and got cut up pretty good. I was bleeding, but no major gash. And there weren't any sharks to sniff me out and nibble on me. So I kept playing. I found Josh and we tried body surfing. But I just wasn't getting far, so I went and fetched my Swimmer Buddy and took it apart to use as a boogie board. I even had my training fins.

I went back out and hit a few waves, but didn't get as far as I had hoped. It was fun, but need to learn a little technique on picking the right wave, sticking it and riding it as far as possible. Never had any experience with this before.

Today's total I'm gonna say was only about .75 miles. Not far. Kind of a rest day. Will do a pool swim in the morning with Goody.

 Total: .75 miles in @ 25 minutes
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