Wednesday, June 6, 2012

MC Hammer workout

Today I did a workout with Goody and he had a Marcia Cleveland workout.  It wasn't terribly difficult but gave some nice structure to today's swim.  It involved lots of 200s and fortunately all free, and there were no kicking sets.

Did a nice warmup before that, and a nice warmdown afterwards.  I also used my new Tempo Trainer v.2 and that thing is awesome!  I was a little late for work and was really tempted to just skip my last 500M which I wanted to do, but remembered I hadn't used my TT yet, so I threw it on and did 100s starting at 1:00 and decremented by :01 each 100.  It took my mind off how tired I was and I was able to increase my stroke rate without much effort at all thanks to that thing.

There was one set that really took a great deal of effort, thus MC put the "Hammer" on us.

So today's workout ended up totaling:

500 yards in SC pool, then moved to LCM and did:
10,000 M

11,425 yards total in 3:25
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