Monday, June 18, 2012

Teaching a Nigerian Princess how to swim

I got this very exciting email this morning.  I take it from the the proper use of English that it's a 16 yr old Nigerian Princess I could be teaching how to swim!  Here's the email:

Hello, This is Mr Frank Bridge, I got your email while surfing on internet for a coach/tutor for my daughter. I want a private lessons for my daughter (Lilie). Lilie is 16 year old and she is willing andready to learn. Please, I will like to know if you will be available for the tutoring service because I really wish the tutorial begins this month. Also do get back to me with the following details about you:
Your name:
Your location:
Years of experience:
Area of Specialization :
Your charges per hour $
If possible your phone number :
I will be glad to read back from you soon so that I can keep in touch with my daughter about the progress of her tutorial.
Thank you.

Unfortunately I'm not in a position to do any private coaching.  I'll have to pass.  Would have been fun though :)

This morning I got up super eager to swim.  Especially since I passed up my long swim on Saturday because I woke up with a severe migraine headache.  This morning's swim was much needed!

1200 free easy in scy pool
The in Meters:

2000 free
1000 kick with fins
3000 - 2 x 1500 pull, with smaller paddles by 1500
2000 - 2 x 1000 pull with smaller paddles by 1000
2000 - 10 x 200's free no equipment, tempo trainer desc by :01 by 200

10000 M + 1200 Yds = 12,125 yards total in 3:30

My Mom called me last night with a warning from a dream she had.  She dreamt that I was swimming the channel and was doing fine with the cold and with the distance.  However the waves were building and at one point I got too close to the boat and accidentally touched it and got DQd.  She said to be careful no to fulfill that nightmare.
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