Thursday, June 28, 2012

Interview with Jessica Miller

This morning I drove up to Pineview and was in the water at 5:45am.  I picked up the pace a little this morning and focused on a faster spm.  Did a first big Dam loop (2.5 miles) in 1:17. Met with Jessica Miller, a reporter for the SL Tribune.  Goody was already there talking with her and we both answered her questions.  Afterwards Goody and I did some posing and some light swimming for her to take some pics.

Last night I put a big blown up poster of this image in Goody's front window
of his house hoping he would see it when he got home, but apparently
I didn't get his arrival time noted properly and he was already home in bed.
But he saw it this morning when he got back home from his swim,
and I think it made his day.  Mission accomplished!
The July 5th Salt Lake Tribune paper (Davis County edition), will have our interview in their "Closeup" section.  Afterwards I went for another dam route, at least as far as I had time for.  I had to meet Cathi at 8:45 in Layton, so I had a time constraint today.  This week is definitely sub-par to my normal and I need to step up the next couple days to make up for it.

On my way out of the parking lot, some guy waved me down who was coming from the beach up to the parking lot.  He asked, "Did you see anyone pick up a towel and some shoes on the shoreline?"  The towel's no big deal, but the shoes had some sentimental value.  Really?  This was a man I was looking at, but I was starting to wonder.  The walk from the beach to the parking lot is about 80 yards.  I don't even bother with shoes or a towel.  I just leave them in the car.  But still, it's lame that someone would take stuff off the beach.  Most likely it was taken out of ignorance rather than greed.

This morning the weather was nice, and the water temp I recorded was 67°F.  Definitely not "cool".  I'm looking forward to a long swim at Bear Lake this Saturday.

GPS logged total distance: 3.7 miles in 1:53:10
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