Saturday, January 21, 2012

10 feet in the morning, 7 miles at night

Left foot, left foot, left foot, right!

This morning I met Goody, Michelle, Josh and Jim at Fort Bueneventura Park for the North Davis Prep Academy's polar bear plunge fund raiser.  They had cleared out a 30 foot by 20 foot section of ice in the pond.  It was rainy and muddy.  I took a water temp and it read 36 high.  I charged up my Go Pro for this thing.  I was wearing it at the time that I jumped in and it the head strap fell off.  My new sandals that I bought also were stuck in about 2 feet of mud at the bottom of the pond.  It was only about 3 feet deep.  My first priority was finding the Go Pro.  Jim found it feeling around.  Man I really need to get that floating attachment for it!

The water didn't feel that cold.  We had a fun time getting together, but it was only a 10 foot swim, in muddy water.  So this evening I went to SDRC for a decent workout.  Ended up doing:

4000 - 2 x 2000 free nice long strokes
1000 kick with fins
3000 pull
2000 - 10 x 200's odd back/breast on 4:00, even free on 3:00
2000 free channel pace
600 - 200 IM, 200 free, 200 IM warmdown

12,600 yards total in 3:15

Felt strong, yet relaxed the whole time.  By the time I got to the kicking set I felt like I just barely got in.  It went by really fast.  Here's what my swimsense logged.  I stopped it for my 1000 kick set, but the rest it got.

Some kid must have had his swim suit pocket FULL of gummy bears because there were about a dozen spread all over the pool floor.  With the underwater lights making them stand out like tiny little jewels.  It was really pretty with all the different colors and light reflecting.  Reminded me of the time I asked a girl out to a dance and she answered by throwing a ton of diving rings in the pool while I was swimming.
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