Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fingernail pain

Capturing the temperature.  My therm
always reads about 2-3 degrees
cooler than Josh and Jim's, so take my
reported temps "with a grain of salt".
Fingernails are consisted of dead cells.  Well they are even more dead now.  After getting out of the GSL which registered on my "cold" digital thermometer at 36°F, my hands were numb as normal.  I did my "long" route of the boat ramp out to the marina opening and back.  A distance of roughly 350 yards.

I started my watch when I entered the water, but forgot to stop it when I got out.   I estimate that it was just under 4 minutes based on my previous experience with this distance in this cold water.  I did stop it at the point where I finally felt where any "after drop" was over and the tingling was starting to feel good, rather than bad.  It was 26 minutes after first entering the water.  Which means the first 20 minutes or so after getting out is the worst part, but after that.... Fantastic!  Except strange thing is, my fingernails are numb.
Getting ready to get in is a little
difficult, much more so than
the actual swim.

Today's crew was:  Jim, Goody and his fellow teacher, Nate.  Then myself and Josh.  It was a little rainy, but the air temp was a comfortable 45°.

This week, the Daily News of Open Water Swimming posted this article on Brown Fat.  Great.  I feel so much better about my pudginess.

Total: 350 yards in just under 4 minutes
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