Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Active Recovery

A negative person would call today's workout a slacker workout, but I choose to be positive and call it active recovery.

Last night I was up later than normal due to obligations with Scouts.  But it was worth it cause Austin passed his Eagle board of review and that's one less thing I have to nag about!  Right on!

This morning I snoozed past the alarm way too much and wasn't in the water until 5:25am.  I got in and did:

2000 free nice and easy
2000 pull

My shoulder blades were stiff the whole time even though I tried to just relax them and do an exaggerated glide, pull, rotating on axis and a good bent elbow, etc...  Decided that its better to get in the water and do 4000 than to not come at all.  So I called it good and will focus on a super early bedtime and get in a decent 10+ tomorrow.

Also, it looks like I no longer work with Chris Haramoto with Antelope Island, but Jeremy Shaw.  He gave us permission to go with 15 swimmers for the Antelope Island to Black Rock Swim.  Yay!

4000 yards in 1:02
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