Saturday, January 7, 2012

Best swim this week

(There is some swimming in this post, but LOTS of drama today so just skip to the end if you just wanna see the workout)

I didn't swim yesterday, I slept in and had to get to work at a good time so that I could leave at 3 for a scout camp.  The scout camp was at Willard Bay.  I wasn't sure if the water was going to be completely frozen or not.  I was hoping to get in a polar bear.  But after we set up camp, had dinner, and paid for our site it was completely dark and lots of boys wanted to go down to the waters edge to check it out.

This isn't one of my scouts.  Notice
he disregards the danger sign, just like I told the boys
not to.  He went anyway.
Sure enough it was completely frozen.  How thick I didn't know.  Some of the boys started to go out onto the ice and I said, "I don't think that's a good idea, we haven't tested it and I'm not sure how thick it has to be to be safe to walk on".  Did they listen.  No.  Some of them started to go deeper and deeper away from the edge onto the ice and I started to yell.  Still they were too busy goofing around and playing and not listening.  So I said, "Ok guys!  I'm heading back if you wanna ride come now!"  By the time I got to the van and started it (which was only 30 feet from the edge of the bay), they started to come.  I should have had a serious discussion right there and then about them needing to listen to me and take my warning seriously.  But we just headed back.

After our campfire program and closing prayer all the boys started playing fugitive in the darkness while I tended to the campfire and kept it roaring.  Everyone was running around and having a good time.  No snow was on the ground last night actually.  It was a little cool, probably about 45, but not bone chilling.  About 8:30 a handful of boys come near the fire and apparently they had walked the five minutes to the bay and played on the ice and one of them had fallen through and fortunately was only up to his knees and he was able to get out.  All the other boys admitted to running around out there with him, but they had escaped the collapse.  

Again, I should have severely scolded the boys, but I'm not a good scout leader, I let ALOT of things roll over.    But I am REALLY tired.  If I got on them for every single thing I'd be hounding them minute after minute.  Tomorrow I'm gonna lay it all out on the table in our church meeting.  I hate feeling like a bad guy, but these kids are like kindergartners and half of them need a good hiding, but that wouldn't be acceptable coming from me.

Jack Bright's the first guy I've seen wear his cap Napolean
style.  I've started to do it for my winter swims.
I'm like a little kid who mimics his hero.
Anyway, when I got home I found an email from Jack Bright.  He was inviting me to consider joining the team of relay swimmers crossing the Bering Straight this year.   WHAT!?  I don't consider myself even closely in the same league as those doing that swim.  Granted we're swimming in water that is down to 2°, but for only 3-4 minutes max.  I'm still very much a newbie.   Sure I'm extremely enthusiastic about winter swimming, but I'm hardly in the class of people who are doing first ever swims in the arctic.  I was very humbled by the request and initially responded that my schedule was so full for this year and would definitely consider it in future years especially with greater winter swimming experience.  When Cathi got home from her errands I told her about the invite and she said, "You an idiot to pass up that opportunity! At least get more information and find out what really is involved and required.  Maybe it won't be too expensive and we can make it work.  At least find out!" 

My jaw hit the floor.  I love that woman!  She is so supportive!  Perhaps she's paying me back for all those marathon weekends she does.  So I emailed Jack back asking for more info.  

Then I went for my swim.  My mind was so preoccupied with the Bering Straight crossing that I ended up not focusing and totally made an illegal traffic move.  Oops.  I looked before I went, but I totally ran a red light.  What the heck?!  I was really out of it.  I realized halfway through the intersection that I was completely breaking the law and snapped out of my dream like state.

When I got to the pool I was in the water at 2:30 pm and did:

4000 - 2 x 2000's free
2000 pull
4000 - 2 x 2000's free
600 - 2 x (200 IM, 100 free)
10,600 yards in 2:34

Today's swim was fantastic.  I REALLY love my Swimsense.  I can totally zone and not focus on keeping track of my total in my head, and think about my stroke mechanics among other things.  I can push off the wall and take a quick peek at my yardage to get my mind back into where I'm at in my workout.  

The first 2000 I was thinking about the Bering Straight, but the rest of the time I was thinking about how terribly behaved my scouts are.  I was getting really angry just thinking about the lack of respect those boys show.  My stroke rate picked up and I was going at a pretty good pace.  I'm at my whits end with those kids!  I KNOW I wasn't as out of control as these kids are at this age.  

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