Monday, January 2, 2012

Kicking off the new year right

It felt so good to sleep in until 7:30am.  Then I went over to SDRC and did:

20,000 - 10 x 2000's odd free, even pull 

in 4:58

I called Cathi on the way home and she was in a good mood!  She had a good morning with the kids and she said she'd have lunch waiting for me when I got home.  I had a huge sub sandwich waiting with an orange already peeled and sectioned.  What a sweetheart!  Fantastic day and the swim was wonderful.  

Josh opened up registration for the 8 mile event on New Years Eve at Midnight, and all 12 spots for the GSL Antelope Island to Black Rock Marathon swim filled up within 24 hours!  Wow, I thought it would take a few weeks, not one day.
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