Friday, January 20, 2012

Hypoxic training

This morning's workout was fantastic.  I didn't feel tired at all, the shoulder was at 100% and I swam with some pretty decent power.

2000 free
2000 free
1000 kick
2000 pull
2000 free
2000 free
1000 hypoxic training:
10 over unders on 1:15, 10 x 50's free descend 10-1 breaths per 50 on 1:15
12,000 yards total in 3:25

I totally forgot how fun hypoxic work is.  As long as I get enough rest to catch my breath, I'm good.  I also finalized the switch from Montana LMSC to Utah, with SALT as my preferred club.  I must have been on a man period when I made the stupid move to the cheapest LMSC.   My membership at SDRC expires the end of next week and I'm looking forward to swimming at SLCSC with Will and the other fast swimmers there on a regular basis.

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