Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The worst bad habit a marathon swimmer could pick up: Giving up

I read somewhere yesterday or late last week someone write something like, "You shouldn't swim fatigued.  You should stop, because your form breaks down and you simply are picking up bad habits."  I tried finding where I read that this morning, but couldn't locate it.

I thought about this during the last part of today's swim because I was particularly tired.  I agree swimming fatigued is where your form will break down, but just giving up and getting out of the pool cause your tired is a bad idea for a marathon swimmer.  If you quit your workout every time your got fatigued, what the heck would you do in the middle of the channel?

Instead, you need to quit whining mentally about how tired you are and focus mentally on each and every movement, staying relaxed and "feeling" and watching each stroke to avoid breakdown of good form.
It is important to learn how to push through the fatigue and to keep going with the best form as possible.  The worst habit you could create is to just give up.

Today's swim was a focus on form and using NO EQUIPMENT:

5 x (2000 free, 100 back)
100 free strong

10,600 yards total in 2:56

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