Friday, December 23, 2011

Starting my own adventure beard

I'd love to grow myself a
"Lorenzo Snow" beard.
But Cathi would throw a fit!
My friend Rob Dumouchel is well known for his swimming with his "Adventure Beard".  I have been annoyed lately with the small amount of chaffing (even in the pool) when not shaving the day of long swims, and have to deal with a very small raw area on my right shoulder.  Plus, I like the look of beards, and to be honest have been coveting my friend Goody with his cool looking beard.  So I went out a few weeks back and bought a purple 5o'clock shadow.  But I feel like a complete dork when wearing it in public, so I have broken down and started growing my own adventure beard.

Perhaps it'll get the ball rolling a little faster on getting me released from Scoutmaster.

This morning's swim was awesome:
100 easy
5000 - 10 x 500's free on 7:30
4000 - 10 x 400's
First 5 free on 6:00, second 5 - 200 free/IM (:30 ri)
3000 - 10 x 300's free first 5 no equipment, second 5 pull

400 - 200 free/200 IM
100 IM fast
50 grandpa

12,650 yards total in 3:20

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