Thursday, December 1, 2011

Just completed swimming around Long Island, NY

Today I took PTO so that I could do a blitz on the 250 mile swim.  I needed 29,500 yards and did 30,000.  Started out at SDRC at 0500 and swam the first 7900 yards when all of a sudden the lights went out.   It was really windy outside and the lights were flickering all morning.  So the lifeguards kicked us out.  When I got in my car, the lights went back on and they opened up the pool again, so I resumed my workout, and then at 9800 yards they went out again.  So I decided to just go to Northwest Recreation Center.

This is my second time there and I was pleased with this place.  The water temp was 82.7 and I was the only one there (besides the lifeguard) for like 5 hours.  Here's the details of today's workout:

8000 - 4 x 2000's free (even no equip, odd pull)
rest, get something to eat and back in the water in 5 minutes.
6000 - 3 x 2000's free (even no equip, odd pull)
1000 kick with fins
Do the above workout all over again to get:
30,000 yards total in 9:40 including the drive over to NWRC and also the wasted time at SDRC.

Submitted my VirtualOpenWaterRace Spreadsheet to Karen Reeder. 
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