Thursday, December 22, 2011

Coldest swim yet - 350 yards in 35.0°

GSL Marina in December after sunset.  Pretty!
photo courtesy Jim Hubbard
Love how I'm setting new PR's every week.  This week the temp dropped 1.2°F down to 35.0°F which is 1.67°C.  I got my folks to come along with a couple nephews and a niece.

Met Josh, and Jim at the Marina.  Got a cool space tarp from Josh for Christmas.  Good for reheating.

Getting in for the swim is always easy.  This time after the swim I got dressed and slowly made my way to the car.  I got the shakes and finger crushing until we got to the airport.  Tough one today.  Did the full 350 yards and did it in 4:46 according to my stopwatch.

350 yards total in 4:46

Here's video:

Thanks to Jim for some pretty cool pics:

Getting ready
photo courtesy Jim Hubbard
Call search and rescue if I'm not back in 10 minutes
photo courtesy Jim Hubbard

Life's a bear.  Dive right in.
photo courtesy Jim Hubbard

Salt?  That's the least of my worries.
photo courtesy Jim Hubbard

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