Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dropping back to a healthy level

When I was swimming 7-8 miles 5-6 days a week in order to win the Long Island Virtual Open Water Race, I was totally spent the rest of the day.  I'd be sleepy, sore, and needed to ice my shoulders, and take ibuprofen 2-3 times a day.  So now that the race is finally over (Whew!), I'm dropping back just a bit.  And today was awesome!  After the workout, I wasn't sore, or achy, I wasn't so ravenous that I felt like eating a small child.  I felt healthy.  So I'm sticking with 6 miles (10,600 yards) or less for a normal day.  Here's today's workout:

2000 free
1500 pull
500 kick
2000 free
1000 pull
1000 - 5 x 200's odd IM, even back, free fast!  (2:27)
2000 free
400 kick
200 IM

10,600 yards total in 2:52

My shoulder is feeling so great!  No aches or pains whatsoever.  I'll hit my year end goal by end of workout tomorrow.  1000 miles.

Oh yeah,  Goody last week introduced me to this guitarist that I honestly had never even heard of.  Apparently I'm ignorant of significant artists out there.  Buckethead is amazing!  What a fantastic discovery.  So I've treated myself to playing back this song in my head while I swam today.
Great stuff!
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