Thursday, December 1, 2011

300 yards in 41° water

This week Josh brought his wife Sabrina and their two boys.  I love seeing kids watch their Dads do crazy stuff, especially when their young.  It really burns in to their minds that their Dad has character instead of a Dad who sits in front of the TV in the recliner watching football while reading the paper.  How boring.

Josh asked me what my goal was and I said, 'Just one lap'.  I felt like bailing today after my long 17 mile swim in the morning, but knew that I really needed the cold water exposure.  Once a week is a bear minimum (pun intended).  So today was less about how far or how long I was in, just that I got in.  So one lap is about 350 yards and that would take about 5 minutes.  That's good enough.

Josh was first to get in and started.  I LOVE IT WHEN SOMEONE ELSE TAKES THE LEAD.  I was a few seconds behind him.  The water burned instantly on contact.  It got colder.

The great thing is that all the knots in my back and neck from my swim earlier, were instantly gone.  Talk about effective therapy!  When I got to the end of the marina Josh was on his way back.  He started doing some heads out breaststroke.  I cut that lap just a little short so I could swam side by side with him.  When we got back I asked Sabrina to throw me my digital thermometer so I can take a reading.   It read 41° F.  I switched it to Celcius and it read 5°C exactly.  Wow!  That's the temp it needs to be to be included in the Ice Swimming Association.  Now if I can just do that lap 5 times.  Yeah right!

However I was glad that this time the one lap didn't totally demoralize me like last week.  I felt like last week was tougher.  Now if we can just maintain the one lap as it gets colder, that would be awesome.  After I got out I said goodbye and jogged up to the car and did my post cold water swim routine in the car then drove off to my parents house for a nice shower.

Then went off to see a special screening of a new documentary with Josh and Goody called Evaporating Shorelines.

When my head hit the pillow, I was out!  What a day!
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