Thursday, September 1, 2011

Getting ready for Bear Lake

My shoulder has finally started to feel better.  It's about at 80% right now.  Not too bad.  Getting excited for the Bear Lake swim, although the weather for Labor Day is a little disturbing.  Currently projected to have 30% chance of thunderstorms and rain.  Keeping a close eye on that and hoping that it changes.

This morning I was a little later getting to the marina than I hoped and didn't end up doing the same route as Monday which I wanted and ended up going out the red eastern buoy then down to Black Rock and then back the way I came.

Total Distance: 4.3 miles
Time: 1:08

Just attended the Webinar that Steven Munatones did this morning and it was good.  Lots of stuff I already heard, but the biggest take away for me is the need to incorporate speed training.  I definitely don't do much of that anymore and I expect that may be why I've slowed down.  I feel like I can go forever, but my times aren't improving.  So my base, and distance tolerance seems to be my strengths with speed as something I definitely need to work on.

One thing that I probably will never do is stuff gel packs in my suit.  First of all, that stuff is nasty!  I tried it several times hoping I could get used to it.  I'm sorry, I need to have something that resembles real food.  But that's just me.  I've heard the stuff is great for energy, which is why I tried to make it work, but I'll just take a little more time and eat something that I can stomach.

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