Monday, September 12, 2011

Double Horned Straight

Met Josh at 6:30am at the Marina.  The sun is really taking its time now coming up and when we started out it was still pretty dark.  We took off for a Horned Straight route today.  I got to the eastern buoy and saw Josh way off in the distance.  I think he might have had trouble seeing the buoy.  I know with my clear ones I still have trouble when its dark so I can only imagine how tough it is with tinted blue ones.  I waited for him to get close and then continued on to Black Rock.

Arrived at Black Rock and waited for Josh.  Then swam back to the marina entrance where Josh swam to the ramp and I wanted to get in at least 4 miles today so I went for a "Double Horned Straight".  Here's the GPS image of the Horned Straight at the start, and then the horned straight coming back (inverse image on the left).  See the horn?  That's why I'm calling it that.

Total Distance 4.3 miles
Time: 2:03
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