Friday, September 9, 2011

Getting paid to swim

Not really getting paid in cash, or gum.  But swim gear.

I should have entered USMS' Go The Distance last year! This year it sure has paid off! I got a really cool mesh bag a few months back, and last week I had a brand new Nike Jammer shipped to me. I am excited for when I hit my goal of 1000 Miles, and I'll get a $100 gift certificate to All American Swim Supply.

If you swim a bunch and haven't entered Go The Distance, it is definitely worth it.

This morning I met Greg at the GSL Marina at 6:45pm.  We started out heading to the eastern buoy.  The colors of the clouds on the eastern horizon as the sun came up were breathtaking!  I should have stowed my camera in my SSD with my drink!  Swam down to Black Rock and then back.  Greg has never been to Black Rock, so when I told him that I was going there he thought it was the rocks near the marina opening, so when I got back I saw him hanging out at the green buoy by the marina lookout.  Next time I'll take him directly to Black Rock so he knows what I'm talking about.  I could have sworn we've been out there before together.

Total distance according to GPS: 3.23 miles
Time: 1:35

Had some good conversation with Greg before and after the swim.  He's going to swim 3 x 10 K's in the Mediterranean next year.

My tongue is finally revolting after three days in a row swimming in the GSL.   It isn't really that bad, just some rawness going on.   I think I'll swim Saturday in a pool and give it a break.  Here's a fun picture of my tongue using Cam Wow (which exaggerates things a little) :)

Tomorrow morning I'm meeting a bunch of GSL Friends out at Black Rock for a garbage cleanup service project.  I can't wait to meet them.
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