Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Early morning swim at Salt Lake City Sports Complex with Will Reeves

Since SDRC is still closed for pool maintenance I decided to go to SLC Sports Complex.  Last weekend when I went there I was pleased with the 50 M pool and was eager to be a die-hard and show up at 5:30am for some good mileage.

When I got there I saw Will Reeves by the poolside.  I knew he swam here, but not what time of day so I was glad to see him.  He had a workout all ready to go and I threw out my planned workout so I could join him and the other fantastic swimmers there.  The outdoor pool doesn't open until 6am so I had to deal with the inside 25 yard pool for the first half hour:

700 - 250 free, 200 back, 150 breast, 100 one arm fly
900 - 3 x 300's IM
1600 yards
then we moved to the 50 M pool:

I don't remember all the sets, but I do remember the running total.  That's one thing I have against most coaches.  They don't consider that the students actually log this stuff, and I don't have a good enough memory for all the different sets.  It would be nice if the coach had a printout for every lane, that way I can snag one after the workout.  Today, I just kept a running total in my mind.

Ended up doing 7000 M total in the outdoor pool.  That consisted of two separate workouts with two separate groups.  I met Kyle Treadway, Gary Shaw, another fit dude named Chris.  Also Randy Philpot who was the coach for the first hour.  Good workout, and I got a real good second wind from 7:30 - 8:30am.  That was my best hour.

I love seeing the sun come up over the mountains.  Usually when I do its from within the GSL, but today it was from the inside of the SLC Sports Complex outdoor pool.  Very cool.

Also, Will was able to get the Salt Lake Tennis Club to agree to allow him to get a group to do a 24 hour swim on September 23rd. I'm on board with that.

Daily Total (Meters converted to yards): 7650 + 1600 = 9,250 yards 
Time: 2:45
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