Monday, September 19, 2011

Getting a head start on recovery

The last mile of today's swim was a reminder that the left shoulder is still something to be considered.  I was very happy with the quick recovery from Bear Lake, however today was the first time with shoulder pain since then.  So the question is do I live with the pain for two more weeks and do the surgery after Slam the Dam, or do I just get going on it now and get a head start on the recovery so that I can get back in the water say mid October rather than the end of October?

I decided to just get going.  Which means I'll have to sacrifice my Slam the Dam entry. Which would probably turn out to be pretty painful with the state this shoulder is in.  So I have surgery scheduled for this Friday with Dr. Richards.

Today's swim was a double horned straight - 4.3 miles in 2:08.  Pretty uneventful swim and as you can see not the fastest.  Went well until the last mile, then while I swam in pain I thought through the above decision.

Total Distance: 4.3 miles
Time: 2:08

Michael Slade is meeting me out at GSL Marina on Wednesday morning for a photo shoot.  Good timing as I'll probably have that be my last real swim for the year out there.  After that it'll be considered a polar bear swim.  The water today was 69°.  It's dropping fast.


Josh said...

Oh man! Sorry to hear about the shoulder and missing Slam the Dam. I wish you a speedy recovery from your surgery.

Already to 69 degrees? Nice! I'm getting excited for polar bear season!

Christopher said...


Sorry to hear about the turn of events. You'll be missed in Vegas, but get healing and be well. I'll swim with your spirit in mind (though not at the same pace you would have done).