Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shoulder update

Yesterday afternoon I went to visit my Sports Therapy Doctor, Spencer Richards.  I updated him on my left shoulder:  sharp pains in the very corner of my shoulder whenever I raise my arm above my head.  When I'm swimming it's livable, but strangely its worse when I'm out of the water lifting my arm above my head.  I've already visited him twice for a couple of cortisone shots which really helped, but only for a few weeks.

We decided that after the Slam the Dam race, I will undergo a minor surgery to remove the bone fragment in my left shoulder which is supposedly the cause of the pain.  Apparently it will only take three weeks to recover afterwards and should be able to make progress towards the EC training without shoulder pain.  I can't wait!

In the meantime, he gave me another cortisone shot before leaving his office yesterday.  Last night and this morning it is really painful!  Even without moving it.  I remember it being like that with the previous shots I had, and that it only lasted for a day, but felt like a million bucks within 3 days.  I'm really counting on that, because I'm planning to swim Bear Lake on Monday!  However, the weather forecast for Labor Day doesn't look good at all.  If that forecast doesn't over the week, I'll probably postpone the Bear Lake Swim once again. Boo!

Fellow OW Swimmer friend, Julian Riley posted this video on facebook this morning:  Now my shoulder REALLY hurts!

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