Thursday, September 8, 2011

Burnt Salt

I typically go to SDRC on Tue/Thur, but its closed for the next two weeks for maintenance.  So two days in a row of GSL!

The flavor of the GSL has changed slightly.  I would describe it as burnt salt, almost sulfuric.  I got in at 7:15am this morning and did what I'm going to start calling "Horned Straight".  It's the Gridley Straight but instead of starting at the mouth of the marina, start on the rocky beach just east of the marina and head to the red buoy towards Antelope Island.  Once you get to the buoy turn around and head straight to Black Rock and then back to the mouth of the marina and get out at the boat ramp - Horned Straight.  The water is getting colder.  Feels good.

Had about an hour of baby chop.  Nothing major, but definitely not glass.  Sky was clear blue, and some significant southeasterly winds.

Total Distance: 3.5 miles
Time:  1:30
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