Thursday, September 8, 2011

The almost viral topic of swimming with/without wetsuits

Which style of preaching do you prefer?  Hellfire and damnation,
or standing firm on your standards and beliefs (but in a less-emotional way)
Yesterday I noticed a Facebook status from Anne Cleveland that included a link to this article by Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association President, Scott Zornig.  I read the whole thing and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Very early this morning before my swim, I noticed that it caught Steven Munatones' attention and he posted about it in the Daily News of Open Water Swimming.

Then this morning I noticed that Freshwater Swimmer Evan posted his thoughts on the subject.

The only thing I'd like "naked" OW Swimmers to avoid, is too much soapboxing.  I don't like the name calling and overly aggressive "defending" of OW Swimming in its pure form.  You can't really build up the sport by putting others down who choose to swim with wetsuits.  I don't think we need to get caught up with the overblown media attention given to those who swim with wetsuits.  I'd totally prefer the media to give attention to someone who is swimming with a wetsuit, than none at all!

Even though I understand the difference between swimming with/without a wetsuit, I don't really care nor most of the general public, whether the person who did a superhuman swimming feat did so with or without a wetsuit (or for that case, fins, hand paddles, snorkel, in a shark cage).  I guess a part of me does care enough to want the details so I know how valid the accomplishment was, but still it's something to the person who did it.  No need to attack them for it.

Bottom line,  is it worth coming across to all except the truly converted that you're self righteous?  You should stand up for what you believe in, but don't need to be antagonistic about it.
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