Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Evening swim with Goody

Met Goody at the GSL Marina at 5pm.  We went down the rocky path to the water's edge at the water covered Silver Sands Beach.  On our way out to the eastern Buoy I looked forward to sight once and saw the big metal Utah State Parks boat off in the distance heading towards us.  It rounded the corner of the red buoy and headed towards the marina.  It was a good 200 yards off, but it was going at a good clip so I stopped swimming and waved at who I assume was Dave Shearer in the boat.

We rejoined at the eastern buoy and swam to the opening of the marina, and got our bearings on Black Rock.  I did an experiment on this afternoon's swim.  From the Marina opening to Black Rock I changed my stroke rate to a much higher than normal rate and focused on a high turnover and an immediate pull instead of a long and controlled glide and pull.  This was much more comfortable for me and put less strain on my shoulder as it involved alot more pec muscles and less on a long catch and pull which puts a good amount of effort on the shoulders.  I liked the faster pace.  I felt like a machine.  I could care less if it wasn't as pretty or included slightly more splashes.  I didn't have ANY issues with my shoulder and they felt great.  However my lips and tongue were on fire and they had enough!

Met up with Goody at Blackrock and we both took a drink from the Gatorades I packed in my SSD and we talked for a bit and then took off for the last leg beg to the marina.  This time instead of the faster pace, I did the normal "TI" swim:  slower pace, but more efficient pulling and long catch.  It was a little faster, but not much more.  About the same considering its a mile both ways.

Goody and I chatted afterwards for a good bit.  It's been a while since we last swam together.  It was good to get together.  He's got some very promising stuff going on right now.  He's involving a coach in his workouts and I remember when I used JGal as my coach.  My speed improved dramatically, and my motivation was high.  But then I realized over time, that I was able to motivate myself by staying involved in events like this Virtual Open Water Race, as well as USMS' Go the Distance, not to mention setting short term, mid term and long term goals to help me measure my progress.

As we neared the finish a couple of rowers were just exiting the marina.  He asked if I swam out there much and I told him 2-3 times a week and he asked if I was interested in joining him on a relay team for ROW-SWIM-BIKE.  That would be awesome!  I'll be looking into that.  Sounds like alot of fun!

Total Distance: 3.2 miles (6.4 miles in the GSL for the day)
Total Time: 1:45 (included lots of good conversation and a drink break) (3:14 daily total)
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