Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Meeting Michael Slade in the Great Salt Lake

Michael Slade setup his camera right on the
rocks at Lookout point for
an early morning photo on the lake.
This morning drove the GSL Marina and met Michael Slade, he's a professional photographer who teaches photography at BYU and UVU.  He's also writing a book on the GSL.  He met me there to take a few photos.  But when I got there it was still dark so I swam out to the Eastern Red Buoy a couple times until he was setup and there was enough light for taking a picture.  After a couple laps to the buoy, I met him at the lookout point and he took a few pictures with the lake and Stansbury Island in the background.  It was only about an 8 minute stop and I was off again on my swim to Black Rock and back.  Thanks to Michael for taking the time to get up early for the picture.  It was my pleasure to be a model for the day.  All alone, I would be unworthy, however having a sweet background makes it turn out not so bad.  Can't wait to see how they turned out.

My shoulder was giving me issues once I got to the marina opening and it wasn't just the annoying pain, it was the grindy kind.  Made me so glad that I chose to go with the surgery on Friday rather than tough it out.  I'm not looking forward to the procedure itself, but I'm looking forward to getting that piece of crap bone taken out and getting better so I don't have to deal with the grind.

When I got out at the boat ramp, there were like thirty people at the top of the ramp taking pictures, clapping and cheering!  I was so embarrassed.  I should have hammed it up and bowed a few times, but I definitely don't like being in the spotlight and tried to just walk nonchalantly to my car.  Michael was still there and I told him about Dr Spencer Richards.  He is definitely a doctor I would recommend for sports related injuries.  After Friday I should have even more experience with him to tell more.  I actually went to West High with Dr. Richards.  He is the same age as my brother, Russell.  Spencer and Russ used to play basketball for West High together.

Total Distance: 2.8 miles
Time: 1:20 (including drink break and picture taking)
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