Friday, September 23, 2011

Driving with a flat tire to the tire store

This morning I got to my Dr's office promptly at 8am this morning.  When I went to sign in, the office attendant said the Dr. called in sick and that I would be able to be have my surgery today.  She said I could see him first thing on Monday instead.   My instinct was to argue but I realized it would get me nowhere.  Besides.  Believe or not, Dr's are human too and although you don't see it often, they get sick too.  So I took the Monday appointment and drove Cathi back home.  I could either go to work, or continue with my day's plan:  Go assist Will with his 24 hour swim.  I was planning to just go and be a deck support, but I figured I might as well swim as much as my shoulder would allow.

When I arrived they had already been going for 4 hours.  I got in and did the following:

3700 - 24 x 150's free, 100 leftover (pulling)
3700 - 21 x 175's free, 25 leftover (pulling)
Took 800 MG Ibuprofen and finished my 24 oz Gatorade
3700 - 18 x 200's free, 100 leftover no equipment - I felt really good on this set.  I swam even lengths with a faster cadence (not worrying about efficiency, but just a faster cadence), and odd with long smooth strokes.  Shoulder didn't hurt much on this set until I got to the 15th one.
Another 800 MG Ibuprofen and several crackers and cheese
3700 - 16 x 225's free pull
My shoulder was getting bad at this point, but decided to keep going
500 - 2 x 250's free - After the second set of 250's I dropped out as my shoulder was going from throbbing pain to sharp and intense.  I continued on doing breaststroke which didn't seem to have any impact on my shoulder.  However it was very slow and boring.  (Breast is my least favorite stroke).
500 - 10 x 50's breast no rest.

At this point, I realized my goal of getting 39 miles was way out of the question.  I tried going back to doing some free, but it just wasn't going to work.  I pulled out for good and went and took SDRC Meet posters around to lots of different pools.  Also took Austin to the club and then went home for a private walk with Cathi and the two Saint Bernards.

Can I just say that Will is a monster!  That guy just kept on going and his pace was insane.  If I were to do this event on my own I would have opted for maybe 3500 yards but he was doing 3700 yards, and then spending like maybe 4 minutes for a quick rest and nutrition break.  Just a little too short in my opinion.  But he was on target to hit 50 miles in one day.  That is simply unbelievable!  I mean I wouldn't even consider running a marathon in one day, but doing 50 miles in 24 hours?  Even at this time,  he's been going all day long and still has 9 more hours to go until he's finished.  I wish I could have been a better partner on his event!

15,800 yards total

Can't wait for my Monday morning appointment!
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