Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Short lived holding of the Trophy

Today I got the Josh Green Loop Virtual Open Water Race Trophy.  However I have to hand it over to the current record holder tomorrow.

I just would like to take this opportunity to talk some trash...

Typical Masters Swimmers:  You think you're fast?  Maybe in the pool, but open water?  Ha!

Triathloners:  Take off that goofy wetsuit and take on the cold water like a real man/woman!

Germophobes:  Bountiful Lake probably has less bacteria than your mouse's scroll wheel and your significant other's mouth.  Breakout some cleaning agent and Listerine you worry wart!

Professional sports fanatics:  Get off your duff and break a sweat instead of watching the pros do it.

Are you ticked off now?  Good!

Currently the record is 18:49:07  If you want this trophy, you got to beat that time!  Just go here to see the rules and go for it!

*  The talking of trash in this post is not intended to offend.  Simply in hopes of getting you enraged enough to swim it off.
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