Monday, August 29, 2011

Beating the sun to the water

This morning I got up earlier than I really needed to.  I was hoping to do a little extra today, so I was in the lake at 6:20am this morning.  This time instead of starting from the GSL Marina's boat ramp I went northeast from the marina towards the eastern red buoy.  Went around that and then went straight to Black Rock from there.  I got halfway to Black Rock before the sun finally came over the horizon and hit me in the water.  When I almost arrived at Black Rock I saw Josh heading back to the marina.  I was hoping to catch him, but not a chance he was gone by the time I got back to the marina opening.  I went for one more lap of Gridley Straight.

Found an aluminum can at the bottom of the lake in about 5 feet of water.  Dove down to get it and put it in my SSD.  Today's swim was awesome.  I was able to detach my brain from my body for about 2 miles of the swim.  My arms just get in a rhythm and go and I let my thoughts drift off.  Love that!

Update on the recent pineview swimmer/boating accident:   Apparently the boaters knew they hit her and sped off without assisting her.  But that is from one guy's story.  Hard to imagine the heartlessness of people who hit and run.  Here's the latest news story on this:

I'll be watching this case closely.  It's really a sad story and have little patience for idiotic boaters.

Todays total:  5.25 miles in 2:23:49

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