Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gridley Straight for time

This morning I arrived at the marina a little later than planned and noticed as I was walking down the boat ramp that Kevin and Josh were just nearing the corner of the marina opening heading out. So I had some catching up to do. I started my stopwatch as I started. I wanted to see if I could go all the way to Black Rock and back in under an hour so I pushed it a little.

I got just outside the marina opening and noticed Josh turned east and Kevin was heading towards blackrock. Once I caught up I stopped to say hello and tell hem that I was going to head to Black Rock and back. Then I took off.

Long strong strokes with a slower than sprint stroke rate. When I arrived at Black Rock, my watch read 27 something. I stopped, got my drink out and also defogged my goggles and started back up at 29 minutes. The way back I took a path a little closer to shore so I could go directly to the marina opening. Once I got to opening I couldn't see much with the glare of the sun coming right into my eyes, so I couldn't see if Kevin or Josh were there, but I just picked it up and sprinted the last 200 yards or so through the marina up to the boat ramp. Finished in 59:06. Right on! I was pleased with that. 2.23 miles in under an hour. Not bad at all. And that included a couple of short stops.

There was a busload of Asian tourists who were at the bottom of the ramp as I arrived. I said "Good Morning" and some couple asked me if I could float so they could take a picture.  So I sat back almost in a sitting position and had both my feet and hands out of the water and they took pictures. Kinda weird. I wonder if they'll photoshop their face on my body for their album.

Talked with Kevin and Josh after the swim for a bit. Kevin is doing the Mountain Tropic Triathlon at Bear Lake this weekend. He said he'd probably do Deer Creek next year. Josh is going to get a kick butt time on his 10K this year. He's faster and way more experienced. I'm hoping he gives Will a run for his money.

2.23 miles total in 59:06
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