Saturday, August 6, 2011

365 days and counting

So one year from today I will be boarding a plane with Cathi for Dover.  Still seems so far away, but it's now less than a year.

Met Goody at Pineview this evening at 6pm and we swam east.  Goody had a red eye flight from back east last night and was eager to get in a swim today.  He called me this morning while I was on an outing with some Boy Scouts.  We planned this evening's swim and that put me in a good mood.  Nothing better than having a plan!

When we started out we stayed pretty close to each other, but once we to about mile 2, Goody started to feel the effects of the jetlag as well as lack of sleep.  He was slowing down, but kept at it.  I didn't mind the slower pace, I'd do some backstroke to let him catch up a bit.  I liked really extending my stroke and pulling after a good glide.  I looked forward underwater, watched my hands and then pulled after all the bubbles had left.  That way I could get an efficient pull and it felt great!

Austin and Gords
Austin came as the paddler.  I haven't seen this many boats out there before.  It was crazy, so I made sure to slow up and make sure we stayed relatively close together under the protection of having the big orange kayak there as our buffer from other boats.

We should have planned on arriving at 5 though cause it was dusk at 8:00 and I didn't feel good about going another mile without some lights or something that really stood out.   I could barely see Goody with his white cap when he was more than 50 yards away.  On the way back I sprinted from the buoy to the shore.  That felt good to really pour it on.  I'm excited for the race next weekend!

Total: 3.4 Miles
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