Monday, August 15, 2011

Carving my initial in the Lake

Today the water was very flat and barely a ripple.   The sun was just coming up as I arrived at the marina.  My shoulders from Saturdays race have fully recovered.  I was pretty sore Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, but felt alot better as the day went on yesterday.  This morning they were totally back to normal so I was eager to get back in the water.  I decided that I wanted to try carving my initial in the water.  So I burned this image of my cursive 'G' in my mind and tried very hard to swim this path into the water:

Today's swim was awesome!  I didn't have any stiffness or soreness and felt really strong.  I swam with about 80-85% effort.  The water was about 74 degrees and felt great!  The colors from the clouds and sky reflecting off the water was so beautiful, lots of orange and pink and some purple.  Of all the days that I left my camera in the car!  Here's the actual path of my route today.  After looking at it I realized that I should have head less east and more of a southerly direction.  This looks too much like a box.
Actual route according to GPS.
Dang it, a little too square to look much like my 'G'.
I can probably pee a 'G' in the snow better than this.
When I hit the red buoy northeast of the marina I should have taken that corner a little more rounded and went further south in order to get it to look more like a G.  But it isn't a complete disaster, it kind of resembles a G anyway.

When I hit the boat ramp again another busload of tourists were already there.  One of the same guys from last week was there and walked up and said, "Hey friend!  How often you swim here?"  He must be the bus driver cause who would take the same tour from the previous week?  I told him about 2-3 times a week.  He asked again like he did last week, "You swim breast stroke or freestyle?"  I told him free and that when you breath to the side your face is higher out of the water and that water rarely goes in your mouth.  And that if it does, it isn't that bad.  I told him its a great place to swim as long as its calm and not stormy.  He said with his hands together and a small bow, "I want to marry you." and then turned around and went back to the bus.  What the hell? He said that same thing last week at the end of our conversation, but I thought I heard him wrong.  That has got to be a misinterpretation in his mind of what that means.  If he says that to me again, I'll have to correct him on his English and what that word really means.  The world might be messing with the definition, but I will not put up with its misuse in reference to me.

Today's swim was 1:35 and swam 3.5 miles total.  Very nice

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