Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hebgen Lake 2011

We arrived at Hebgen Lake this afternoon and took down the two small kayaks for the kids to have fun with (and also help escort me across just to be safe).  Lucy took me on the first lap.  This was her first time in a kayak and was able to very quickly learn how to maneuver and she was able to keep up and was not a hindrance to my swim.  The water was much calmer than last year and there was no wind.  The water still had the same DARK atmosphere under the surface.  It's really weird.  It is clear up to about 3 feet and then gets REALLY DARK.  I can see my hands clear as day and bright, but looking down it is pitch black.  It must be a really deep lake.  I don't understand how it can be so black looking down.

At the end of that lap Lucy had a blister so Cathi took me across for the second lap.  Both laps were not sprints that's for sure.  Nice and easy.

Jacob found a couple of crawfish in the water like last time.  He filled up my waterproof case with water and put them in there.  We ended up letting them go before we left.  The kids enjoyed watching them.

3 miles total

We then went to West Yellowstone to watch "Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat" at the Playmill Theatre as a family.  This kids loved it.  I was mostly impressed with their costumes.  Very exquisite and detailed.  It was a great time.

Here's a slideshow of the entire trip!
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