Thursday, August 18, 2011

Official "Sign your name" entry

So Josh made it an official event, and after my initial attempt earlier this week, which pretty much sucked, I decided to have another go at swimming my full name.  This time in Bountiful Lake.  After yesterday's soapbox post, I realized I should have a little more pity for those who look at that lake in disgust.  It was indeed pretty nasty today.  I prefer GSL anyday to BL.  I got off work and hurried over to BL just in time to finish before my Mom's Birthday party.

I looked at the map of the lake earlier today and found that if I look at the map with the south end up, I could use the islands to help me with the "o" and "d".  I thought it worked out well.  The water seems lower than normal cause I kept hitting a bunch of stuff as I rounded the islands.  I also noticed another set of tree trunks sticking out of the water at the southeast corner of the western island.  Wouldn't want to run into those when sprinting out a Josh Green Loop entry.  I did alot of breaskstroke today so that I could keep an eye on where I was so that I could get a decent entry into the name contest.  It was long and boring.  I definitely will have this be my official entry and won't be trying this again.

Here's the GPS results of my swim:
Distance: 1.79 miles
Time: 1:06  (I really don't like breaststroke, but today's water was super nasty and I also needed to really be aware of my direction and distance, so it was necessary to do about 25% of it breaststroke)
"Gords" spelled out in Bountiful Lake.  Cathi thinks I'm a real nerd!  Whatever.  

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