Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Old dusty workout

I wrote this workout one night just before bed, but left it on my dresser by my bed for weeks.  I didn't end up doing it because it was lower in yards and I was trying to pick it up.  But this week I need to cut back cause of a meet on Fri/Sat at SDRC, so I ended up doing this workout today:

1000 yards free
My triceps, shoulders and upper back were all sore and stiff.  No joint issues, just muscles were stiff.  By the end of the 1000 I was feeling a little better. 
1200 - 12 x 100's free fast (get all around 1:10) on 2:00
1000 - 20 x 50's free fast (get all around :36) on 1:00
800 - 4 x 200's free strong on 4:00
500 pull

4500 yards total

Those 100 sprints were tough!  I took my HR on the last set and had it up to @170.  Tomorrow I'll plan to do around 3000 and thats it.  Then Friday I do the 1500 Free.  My seed time is 20:39.24

On Saturday I do: 400 M Freestyle, Seed Time 4:58.84
50m Free, Seed Time 28.31
200m Free, Seed Time 2:15.93

My goal is just to beat my seed times (which are all PR's converted from SCY to SCM)
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