Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Don't forget the nutrition!

I realized halfway into this mornings workout that I only had two pieces of french toast for dinner last night. I had to go directly to Scouts when I got home from work, and then when I got home it was too late to vote, so I felt like a slacker community citizen.  I didn't get a dinner so this morning I felt way sluggish, but I told myself.  "Gords, if you can just get through the prescribed plan today, you can reward yourself with a couple of bagels and a 2L bottle of the pineapple/orange juice you love".   Right on! I said, and I kept it going!

1000 free warmup - felt great once I got to around 700 yards into it.
2800 - 16 x (75 fly/back/breast by 25s, 100 free) on 3:00
2000 - 5 x 400's pull on 6:00.  Focus on long strokes and good form
1000 - 10 x 100's free fast on 1:30.  I was getting these around 1:26 which is terrible, but I was able to stay with the program with hardly any rest.
1200 choice easy

8000 yards total

Lifeguard class at SDRC tonight was kind of boring.  Talked about coverage, the lifeguards role, entry in the water and how to deal with patrons.  Swimming only consisted of about 100 yards worth of stuff using the rescue tube, so I won't count any of that as yardage.  But after class was over (again we were let out early), I swam 2050 yards straight, nice and loose, strong and in 28:53.  That's a pretty good time for 2050 yards.

Total daily yardage: 10050
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