Saturday, September 13, 2008

Timing concern at Ogden Valley Triathlon

When I saw the results posted after the event I thought there were some problems. Several girls swam the 1000 Meters under 12:00. What? That's dang fast. When I got home I looked it up online and sure enough, there were alot of ladies who swam fast.

I wrote a couple of responses to

I was looking at my time on the swim and don't question the accuracy on my swim. I timed it manually with my watch and my swim time is correct. I am questioning the women's time though. There were several women who did it in 11 minutes? I highly doubt it.

But what really makes me question the accuracy is that my wife Cathi Gridley (Bib 1004) got a time 32 seconds faster than I did? Not in a million years. She told me she did backstroke the whole time. I was doing freestyle the whole time. There's no way she did it under 16:00 even. I was the first guy in my heat out of the water and passed my wife up the ramp out of the water. I just don't get it. Maybe the heat start time for the women's swim wasn't setup right.

I couldn't just let it rest there. I had to do more research. Which I sent to in another response:

I already sent in a note earlier, but in case you're thinking I'm full of hot air. I just looked up the results of the Elite category. And it shows that the Elite woman who came out of the water did it in 8:12. That's 49.3 seconds per 100 yards. That's a faster split time than the women's 100 M Free world record! (

If 1000 M were an official timed event Jamie Lambert would have clearly broken the WORLD RECORD! The split times of the fastest women swimmers in the world don't even come under 1:00 per 100. So either Jamie Lambert is the fastest 1000 M swimmer in the world and should get credit for world record, or something is wrong with the the start time for the women. I hope this shows there might be human error on the women's swimming heat start.

Then I noticed that in the reporting of the swim times, they show the time for the average 100 yards. But that value is incorrect as well. I sent another response:

Sorry to knit pick - but I noticed that the results time shows the average 100 yard time for the swim. It showed that I did 1000 Meter swim in 15:39 with the average 100 yard time being 1:33.9

That would be correct if it were a 1000 yard swim, but this is meters. 1000 Meters = 1094 yards ( So the value displayed is wrong. My average 100 yard would have been 1:25.8 not 1:33.9. You either need to show that it is average per 100 Meter with the value that is currently showing, or have a converted 100 yard value.

Pretty close, but not exactly right. Sorry to be so fanatical.

Am I a nerd, or what? I'll post any responses I get back from them. But I don't really have a very good first impression.
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