Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Speedy big guy

Today Cathi and the boys stayed home to watch biggest loser. I went to swim:

3600 - 2 x 1800's free (25:38, 26:25)
100 - 50 Breast EZ, 50 Back EZ

3700 yards total

There was a guy in the next lane who was probably 260. Had a humongous belly, but man was he fast! Every third 50 I did he would swim right next to me and I had to make a concentrated effort to make full long strokes to pass him. He'd do 50 fast and then rest while I did another 25 and then he'd do 50 EZ, and then by the time I was on my third 50, he'd go fast again. It was good cause it made me focus on speed and then give me a little time to recover. I was impressed with how fast such a big guy could go. Imagine how fast he'd be if he dropped 80 pounds or so.
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